English novel - Love Is

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English novel - Love Is

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"Well its obvious isn't it? You don't love father anymore," Kasey Morgan screeched at her mother before as flying past her brother Jeffery who wore a puzzled expression as he entered the sitting room suffering from a hangover. His light brown eyes noted emotions that were passionately displayed on his sibling's face, hurt and anger. She disappeared down the corridor into the study. It slammed loudly behind her as she vented her anger. Jeffery turned to his mother, wincing as the sound seemed to echo in his head.

"Why is she running about the house and screaming like a banshee?" He asked slowly walking into the sitting room and sitting in the chair his sister had just vacated. He picked up an untouched sandwich in the plate on the tea table and began eating ravenously.

"I told her Arthur Willows asked me to marry him. And that I had said yes," Nancy Morgan sighed taking a seat opposite her son.

"Ah." Was all Jeffery said. He had already polished off the sandwich and was reaching for another.

"Oh Jeff what should I do? I haven't even told her about my plans to sell Kingsley manor," she moaned. She rose from her seat and began pacing. Nancy wrung at her handkerchief worriedly.

"Well what did you expect mother? Kasey was very close to our father. Just hearing that you've become fond of another, let alone wish to marry is enough to make her go berserk,"

"I know. But it's not like had I planned to fall in love with the family lawyer! It just happened!" his mother exclaimed turning around and pacing the other way.

"Do sit mother you're making my head spin," Jeffery said and watched as his mother sat before continuing, "You can't make everyone happy with the decisions you make. Kasey is a big girl, nineteen this winter coming. Why when she marries and leaves odes she expect you to remain in this large house pinning on memories? Don't worry mother, I'll go talk to her."

"Oh thank you so much Jeff but will you go change first? You seemed to have brought home an entire brewery with you!" Nancy said wrinkling her nose. She looked at her son's cravat which dangled limply at one corner of his shirt. His black riding breeches were dust covered and the boots he wore were badly in the need of a polish.

"That's not the only thing I brought home. A murderous headache has seemed to follow me over the threshold as well," he told her standing up.

"I'll have one of the maids run you a bath and I shall make you something myself to soothe that headache. Drinking really is not your forte you know," she chided.

"I know mother but you know what they say when in Rome, do what they do," he chuckled. Realizing the sound of his own laughter further increased his headache, he stopped. He followed her out of the room.

"Doing what the other bankers do will most certainly get you an ulcer." Nancy proclaimed.

"I don't think you understand just how difficult the job of a banker is mother," Jeffery began.

"Oh really? I should think being married to one for twenty seven years give me some insight on the entire situation," exclaimed Nancy. She headed towards the kitchen leaving him at the foot of the staircase.

"Oh this cannot be happening! It simply cannot! I will not let it. Mother's obviously not thinking clearly," Kasey cried before dropping into a large arm chair. Her pet tabby Mrs. Sobers sat lazily in the matching one.

"What can I do? Maybe I can somehow convince her that I am gravely ill and in need attention only a mother can give her child,' she thought aloud, "but that will only prolong the inevitable."

"Maybe I could pay Mr. Willows to leave mother alone," she began again placing her right index finger to her lips thoughtfully before frowning. "Only my inheritance isn't due until I turn twenty which is three months away and he knows that, he's our lawyer."

Pulling at the little green bows which trimmed her yellow dress she contemplated several other schemes before jumping from her chair angrily. Mrs. Sobers looked up startled. Swishing her large black tail she settled back down for her usual afternoon nap. Kasey walked along the shelves which were lined with hundreds of her late father's books. She stopped in front of the large oak desk in front of the window.

"Maybe if I ran away..."her voice trailed off as she sat in the chair behind the desk and began rummaging through the top drawers. They stilled smelled of the tobacco Richard Morgan used to smoke. She pulled out the stationary she needed and began writing.

"Dear mother due to certain circumstances (namely your decision to remarry), I have decided I can no longer live under the same roof as you. Please understand I still and always love you but due to our difference in opinion..." she wrote before crumpling it up.

"This is so ridiculous. I sound like a foolish, spoilt and inconsiderate child," she huffed.

Just then, there was a commotion outside. She got up and parted the heavy drapes.

Peter, the groom was attempting to tend to a carriage which had just arrived. Being small in stature this proved to be difficult as the two horses in question were of a rather large breed. Kasey laughed at how silly he looked before realizing how exhausted Peter must feel since her brother had arrived with his coach very late the night before. Just as she contemplated going out in the cold evening weather herself to help him, the owner of the carriage stepped out. Her breath caught. The owner of the coach and unruly horses was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. From her vantage point on the second floor of the house she could see he wore dark riding breeches and matching jacket. A white cravat was knotted fashionably around his neck. He was very tall, probably taller than Jeff and a bit younger as well. His dark hair was kept in a rather long style; it curled a little way past his ears. He looked just like one of the roguish princes in the books her maid Sophie read aloud at times and swooned over. Reaching out one of his gloved hands which were hidden under his coat he gently soothed one of the horses. As if by magic, the creature began to calm down. As if sensing he was being watched, he looked up and saw Kasey. He smiled and waved at her. Kasey returned a small wave and fled from the drapes, her face burning. She could not believe she had been caught openly gawking at the stranger, like some silly country girl. She may be from the country, but silly she was not.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and her brother entered. He was dressed in clean clothes and smelled of the scented soaps her mother loved to purchase.

"Now listen carefully Kasey. You can't expect mother to spend the rest of her life grieving over our father. I appologise if you find I'm a bit harsh but when you are married and gone where will that leave her? I live two towns away and can only visit fortnightly and when ever the weather permits," be began pointing his finger. He made quite a show walking over to the desk and giving it a couple of thumps with his fist.

"You're not a little girl anymore. You're a lot more sensible than most girls I know, so quite frankly I am truly surprised you're acting this way. For heavens sake, be reasonable," he finished.

Kasey walked over to him with her arms folded.

"Okay," she said.

"Well, that was easier than I thought," he grinned sitting on the desk.

"Your speech wasn't necessary Jeff. I thought it over and was okay," she smiled.

"Oh. So mother was sitting outside all this time worrying for nothing,"

"Yes. I best go tell her so,"

Kasey looked at her brother again before leaving the room." Are you going out again tonight?"

"No I have a bit of entertaining to do. Old school friend dropped by," he explained.

"That's who the man with the large horses is?" she asked.

"Yes that's Jordan Garwood, Earl of Royston. We met in college," he said.

"I never heard you speak of him before," Kasey said steadily.

"That is because he was my rival until our final days when we decided to call it truce." He walked over to his sister and took her hand. "Now hurry up and go talk to mother."

Kasey found her mother in the sitting room with Jordan. He had removed his coat and sat comfortably in one of the chairs. They both looked up as she entered the room.

The Earl of Royston was even more handsome up close. Kasey could now see that he was indeed taller in stature than her brother when he stood to greet her.

"Kasey, this is Jeff's old school friend, Jordan Garwood. He just returned from America." He mother stared. "Jordan, this is my daughter, Kasey."

"How do you do, my lord," she said before curtsying.

"Wonderful now that I'm back on dry land," he smiled. A dimple appeared on his left cheek and his emerald green eyes lit up.

"Is sea travel as awful as they say?" her mother asked, her eyes round with interest. The new world and traveling was always an interest of hers.

"Actually it depends on the individual. Some take to the sea quite well. Others find themselves temporarily in bed until the ship reaches the next port or hanging over the ship relieving themselves of their breakfast, lunch and dinner." He had settled back into his seat. Kasey sat in the vacant seat next to her mother.

"So which are you my lord, the bedridden or the ship railing's ornament," Kasey asked.

"A Little bit of both actually," he chuckled. His green eyes sparkled as they looked at Kasey.

"The more tedious the journey becomes the nervous I become," some of his lovely long hair had fallen into his face. He brushed it away with his long fingers only to have them fall back into place. Kasey's eyes followed the movement.

"Have you ever been to the seaside miss Morgan?"

"Unfortunately I have not. I have only read about its warm sand and salty water that breaks upon the shores." She grinned.

"Unfortunate? Count yourself lucky my lady. What the books you read fail to mention are the overpowering smell of fish, the fact that the salt water burn one's eyes when you go for a swim and the constant rocking you encounter from when you leave port until you reach the other." His eyes met Kasey's and held them.

She frowned. "Now you've made me change my mind about eve going, I would detest relieving myself of my dinners or becoming a ship ornament. Not to mention my dislike for fish, cooked or otherwise."

He chuckled at this, exposing his even white teeth. She looked away. Just then Jeffery entered. Lord Garwood stood.

"I have to steal away my friend now mother, Kasey. To reminisce about the good old days and brag a bit," he chuckled." we'll be in the study if you need anything,"

Jordan turned towards Nancy and Kasey. "I was a pleasure to meet you both," he told them. Kasey noticed a sprinkle of freckles which give him a boyish appearance. Kasey realized he was probable a year or two younger than her brother's twenty six.

"It was a pleasure meeting you as well, my lord," Mrs. Morgan smiled.

Nodding, he followed Jeffery down the hall Kasey came from earlier.

Kasey turned towards her mother.

"About the foul way I behaved earlier, I really must appoligise. It was childish of me to be angry at you for falling in love with Mr. Willows. After all he was father's best friend so I have no doubt he is a good man." Kasey paused and walked over to the window. "it's just that I miss father a great deal and part of me keeps thinking that you will forget him when you marry again."

"Oh Kasey I will never forget your father. Every time I look at you and Jeffery I see a little bit of him in both of you. You have his dimpled and Jeffery has his smile. I will always love you father. No one is ever going to take his place." Nancy walked over to her daughter. Kasey looked at her mother puzzled.

"Does this mean you do not love Mr. Willows?"

"Of course I love Arthur, but the love I have for him is more mature, I think. The love I have for Richard is sweet and innocent. He was my childhood love. That kind of love is forever," her mother sighed remember the day her deceased husband proposed to her under the cedar trees at the back of the house. She was fourteen and he had been seventeen. She chuckled and looked at Kasey. "You should have seen the look on his face! He was afraid that I would have laughed in his face!"

"Oh mother why do thing have to change? Sometimes I wish I was still a child at Kingsley manor drawing pictures in father's only to be interrupted by thumping through the front doors with some extraordinary new pet. The only thing I have to look forward to is getting older and worrying about getting a good husband before people begin calling me an old maid," Kasey sighed.

"Don't worry about that dear. Just don't be as picky as you were the last time a man comes offering," Nancy advised her. She returned to her seat. Kasey turned towards her, looking thunderstruck.

"But mother the last gentleman that did was Sir Patrick Mayhew and he is almost as old as father. And that baron, Peter White was nothing more than a pervert in sheep's clothing. Oh and the offers I had before that at my coming out in London. Those men there made Mr. White look like a saint!"

"I must admit a great deal of shady characters did come you way, but what about Adam Drakes, that was his name I believe. He seem nice,"

"Mr. Drake was a self proclaimed playwright and poet. I went to one of his shows, it was dreadful, I had to keep myself from gagging, then feign sick so I could leave before it was over. He was a dreamer who never really did." Kasey slumped in the chair next to her mother's.

"My, that certainly speaks volumes about the kind of husband he would make." Nancy said.

Maybe you'll find someone when you go with Jeff to Greenwich this week."

Kasey looked thoughtful." I had almost forgotten about that. I haven't even packed yet."

Nancy looked at her daughter seriously then. "There is something else I must tell you," she began.

"Don't tell me someone also wishes to wed Jeff as well. There'll be hell to pay when she finds he's more than just a handsome smile!" Kasey laughed.

"It's not that. I've been thinking about selling Kingsley manor."

Kasey stopped laughing." Why?"

"Well we hardly ever go there anymore. The last time we've been there was for your coming out when you were seventeen and it's just been collecting dust ever since. Arthur has a house in London as well, two actually and when we wed we'll own three. That's being greedy don't you think? Arthur suggested we sell one of his and give you Kingsley manor as a when you wed and Whitmore Manor when Jeff does. I thought we could sell Kingsley since it is the oldest of the three and hardest to maintain. Arthur suggested letting you decide..." Nancy's voice trailed off.

"I'd like Kingsley manor," Kasey said.

"Are you certain? It's so big!"


"Then it's settled then. I shall tell Arthur when he comes over tomorrow,"

"Kingsley manor has so many memories. I shall never want to part with it." Kasey smiled.

"Well, I know you didn't come all the way from America just to say hello. What happened in America?" Jeffery asked. He collapsed into a chair near the fire place. Jordan took a seat in the opposite chair and crossed his long legs at the ankles before answering him.

"The land I bought to cultivate was poor, could grow anything except weeds or rear cattle which I had no intention of doing in the first place. To add to that unfortunate event, the locals thought the land was cursed and no amount of money of gold would get them near it so I've cut my losses and returned to England." his handsome featured twisted into a grimace. "Remind me never to buy land I can't see before I purchase it."

"So I take it you're returning to your estate in Greenwich? The fields have become rather overgrown with no one to tend to it. My neighbor, Lady Monroe shakes her head every evening and comments on its condition when she goes for her evening drive every Sunday. Maybe it's time you made some local lady happy by marrying and settling down." Jeffery suggested rising from his chair. He poured a glass of brandy from the nearby decanter and handed it to him.

"Making sure my estate is in order I will do. Finding a lady to wed..." His voice trailed off as he tasted the brandy.

"Still refusing to remove the title of rake from your name, I see," Jeffery chuckled. "London mamas will be in an uproar when they hear of your return. Will you be heading to London as well?"

"Only to settle some financial matters with my lawyer. I shan't stay there long though; those silly girls at those balls were never to my liking."

"If is remembered correctly you favored the blonde ones who couldn't care less if they were ruined or not."

"Aren't you going to have a drink?"

"I do believe I overdid it last night. I've learned my lesson for now." Jeffery shuddered as he remembered his ungentlemanly condition a few hours before. He let a sudden unexpected yawn.

"I must appologise for my ill attempt at being a good host but ..." he stifled another yawn.

"I myself cannot stay awake much longer. I'll be heading up as so as I finish my drink."

"Then I bid you goodnight," Jeffery said submitting to a third yawn. He got up from his chair and left the room. Jordan remained looking at the flames in the fireplace dance about and nursing his drink. Before he knew it he had fallen asleep.

He was awakened by the sound of someone walking past the study. Pausing, the person retraced their steps and stopped in front of the library. The door was gently pushed open and the person stepped inside. The flames in the fireplace had already burned out and the only light was the one from the candles lit in the corridor outside and that of the full moon which was filtering in from the opened drapes. Jordan realized it was Jeff's sister as she walked past him, unaware he sat in the shadows. She was wearing a simple white cotton nightgown and her dark hair was free and flowed well past her hips. She stopped in front of the desk and began rummaging through the papers which were strewn across it. It was only when she found what she was looking for, he spoke to her.

"If I had not been for the lights from the corridor I would have taken you for a thief and attack you, miss Morgan. She let out a surprised gasp before covering her mouth with her small hand she had dropped the crumpled sheet of paper she was holding in the other.

"Mr. Garwood! I did not know you were still in here!" she grasp tightly at her thick nightgown. Jordan stifled a smile. Even in the broad daylight he doubted he would have been able to see anything through the thick, unflattering gown. He could barely even see her figure as it was well hidden in the yards of fabric.

"I fell asleep. The long sea voyage does that to you. I thought I had already climbed the stairs and was in bed."

"Well if you had slept in that chair any longer you would have gotten up with a stiff neck in the morning," she smiled. The muscles in Jordan's stomach tightened. She had the most enchanting smile he had ever seen.

"Well see you in the morning my lord." She picked up the paper and headed towards the door. Jordan followed.

"Are you going to Greenwich as well?" he asked following her up the stairs.

"Yes. Will you be traveling with us tomorrow?"

"Yes, my home is in Greenwich. I have not been there in over two years."

"Then I guess I can further question you on America on our journey over." She stopped in front of her room. "Good night, my lord."

"Goodnight my lady," he said as she closed the door. He turned and headed to his room.

Kasey let out the breath she was holding until she heard the door close in the guest room. She looked at Mrs. Sober who was sleeping soundly on her bed. "Thank goodness no one had read my letter!" she said to no one in particular. She crawled in next to the sleeping animal.