My sister Khadijah - the best sex story in quetta

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My sister Khadijah - the best sex story in quetta

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Dear friends, I have never before tried to write a story and almost I decided otherwise but after a lot of consideration I am going to narrate how in the world this happened. My name is Abdullah (I have to unfortunately change my name and others names for our privacy and security) and I am from Quetta Pakistan. I am now 49 years old but what happened about 30 something years ago is still so clear in my mind that as if it was yesterday. I used to go to a school called Yazdan Khan High School at Alamdar Road and lived in Sayeed Abad. We were two brothers and two sisters. I was the elder and after me was Khadijah (I have to change her name too because she is married now) she was just one year younger to me. I don’t want to write about my other sister and brother because it really does not relate to them but they will remain silent in the story. We lived a normal family life and things went smoothly as it has to. There was no TVs in those days with us and no internet. We used to have radio and dad used to hear BBC but I used to hear always Urdu film songs and sometime Delhi’s Urdu service for Hindi songs. I loved to hear Nayyara Noor, Lata Mangeshkar, and Mehdi Hasan etc. I liked roona Liela though much more. We had three bedrooms. One room was dedicated for my uncle one for parents and we all of us lived in one big room which we also used for family room.

I used to sleep beside my younger brother (6 years younger to me) and beside him was my younger sister 3 years younger to me and on the other side was my sister Khadijah who as I already indicated was just one year younger to me.

But during the winters we used to have what we called Sandali. It was a square table on which we put a huge Iranian mad blanket and under the table was a dim bulb that gave very calm heat and around the sandali we used to sleep stretching our feet towards the table and our heads towards the walls. This used to be a lot of fun when I used to be very young but now it was just a comfortable and warm place to have a good night sleep. Once the lights were off, we all went to bed and woke up the next morning. In the nights sometimes our feet touched since all feet where almost under this small table. We used to have fund feet fighting and laughed but it was very normal. One winter just as normal as it could be, we all were under the sandali and every one went to sleep. In the middle of night I woke up to drink some water and when I returned since the room was very dark. I found my place and creped in. As I lifted up my side of the blanket, I saw the bulb under the table so bright. Normally it was not that bright because when we went to bed the main bulb l in the room was so bright that this tiny bulb was like a dead one. But now in the middle of the night and sleepy eyes just came back from drinking water shone so bright that I could see all four people’s feet clearly. I almost put my head on the pillow when something came to my mind. I lifted up slowly the blanked towards the table while my whole body was under it and saw Kamiah’s feet crossing the half of the table. She used to sleep next to me under the sandali but since she was on the next part of the squared table, she was far from me. Just imagine how far we were if four people sleep while only their feet meet. You have it, our heard where about 2 meters away.

But what I saw was her salwar pulled up beyond her knees and this got me into some heart beats. I have seen them all like that before we used to go to Hanna Udak (a steamy valley in Baluchistan few KMtrs from Quetta) We all used to pull our salwars to enjoy the flow of snow melt cold and drinkable water in the river. But tonight was different. I don’t know why and I don’t know why and why I wanted to see her legs more. I was shaking and my mouth was dried for some odd reasons. I pulled my head back from beneath the table and reached my pillow and tried very hard to sleep. Did I do something wrong? I started reciting prayers. It did give me comfort as I asked for forgiveness from Allah. It was early morning mom was calling us; “Subah Bakair” (Good morning), wake up it is late. The ever sweet voice of mother. I went to school earlier that day and I was filling guilty thinking about what happened to me last night. I honestly could not focus much on anything in the class. I came home later. I was a bit silent on things at home. Mom asked me if I was ok. Just a little tired mom. In the evening we ate food and it was what we call it tarkari, nice lamb with potatoes and naan. I just could not stop myself from the corner of eyes looking at Khadijah as if it was the first time seeing her in my life. I had a heart beat and all kind of things were roaming my head. It was another night. Dad was as usual listening to radio BBC and I tried listen on my Aiwa transistor some music. So the hour came when everyone goes to bed again. Sandali was made ready already by mom. Mom and Dad went to their room and we all kids rounded around usual sandali. Just those kiddy plays and talks and some tea around and finally the lights were off and we all went to bed.

All this time I was just thinking about only one thing. What about tonight? Why am I so curious? No, I am not going to be silly again. It is wrong to see my sister’s legs. She is my sister for God’s sake. But no, the more I thought of not bothering myself with what happened last night, the more I was curious. Should I or should I not? I could not sleep while others were sharp sleep. It could have been around mid-night or so when I finally gave up and wanted to see again by crawling deeper. I slowly but carefully tried to seep the other way round. My feet were on pillow and my head was buried under the sandali (table). I could see Khdejah’s feet It was almost like yesterday. I looked around and others were likewise. It was normal because they pushed their feet under and the result, walwar bottoms would go up a bit. I came back to as I would normally sleep. But I tried to sleep a bit closer on the right side where Khadijah’s head was distanced about 2 meters or so. Pretending to be asleep, I rolled myself towards Khadijah even when I really did not wanted this. I don’t know why all of this was happening. I slowly moved my feet and put my right food above Khadijah’s legs. I was shaking and it was sort the first time that I realized my penis is getting hard. I did not move myself and put my legs just like that for another half hour or so. I was tense, I was scared, I was questioning myself at times; “Or you stupid? she is my sister?” but again something else’s was getting better of me. It was my youthfulness. It was wrong, It was taboo, it was against my religion but besides these, it was against my controls and that was grabbing my whole.

Seeing her and others fully sleep, I move a bit more towards Khadijah very carefully moving my leg away and now sleeping on my face by moving deeper under the sandali (table) but on the correct position as if rolled away while sleeping by pretending every move I had. slowly but careful I move my hand on her tummy. I kept my had there without any other moves for few minutes. Now slowly again I moved upwards and my hand was now just above Khadijah’s breasts. Probably for the first time I realized that I have crossed the lines now beyond what a brother’s relationship is. I realized that I have stepped into another world. A world in which there is pleasures beyond thinking but a world very dangerous at the same time. What if my sister wakes up. What she will do? What if she tells to Mom and Dad? all these things were coming to my mind and a fear of all fears went through my body and I was sweating. Probably I had the worst heart beats ever in my life. I started consoling myself and came to my senses that my hand is still on my sister’s right breast. Her breast was going up and down with every breath as she was in the dreamland unaware of all the things cocked without her knowledge.

Probably few hours passed when she moved. I got so scared but I gathered all my courage to pretend as if I was just in deep sleep and it was just an accidental move of my hand on her. I was as if snoring. Yes, she woke up. She realized a hand on her. She very slowly took my hand as I play dead. She move my hand down on the mattress. I don’t know what else happened but I was so scared that I did not move anything more. The next thing, I was hearing mom calling us to wake up. As I woke up I saw that Khadijah was already gone out of the room and was with Mom. A sudden fear again started a heart beat in me and I started thinking is she going to tell mom or she will believe my not so innocence act as innocence? When I went out of the room I washed my face. Mom said, “you did not get up for namaz son?” Mom, sorry I was so badly sleepy. I saw from the corner of my eyes and oh no, Khadijah was looking too. She quickly looked towards Mom. Does she know that I purposely put my hand on her breast? What is she thinking. I pretended as if nothing is wrong but things were surely wrong. I was not looking to my sister as my sister only but as my sister whom I have touched differently. Yes differently. I spoke to her as usual as if I knew nothing. It was Sunday and in those days Sunday used to be Holliday in Pakistan. It was much later when they changed it to Friday according to Islamic Shariah. At the dastarkhwan (breakfast) I told Mom that I will be gone for the day with friends and will come late home. “Be careful son don’t come too late.” Right Mom and I left home for the day.

When I returned home that night it was already late. I ate food outside. I ate some chholay and some pakodas down the street. When I came others were already planning to sleep. Mom said; “you came late son.” Sorry Mom, I was with friends. She called for Khadijah to bring food but I told her that I have eaten food. Went to the room Dad was already in his room and mom headed that way too. I went to our room where the two youngest were already fast asleep since they have to go to school. Khadijah was awake. I went slipped myself under the Sandali. Our feet met accidentally and we both looked at each other. “Your feet are so cold” said Khadijah. Yes it is cold out there. She wanted to move her feet when I said “please don’t move it is so warm.” She just like a good sister obeyed and put her feet again on my feet. Well, I got to sleep it is late and we have to be at school in the morning. Shab ba-khair (Good night). I know I said good night but I was in no mood to sleep. She switched the lights off and stretched again her feet and I just kept my feet quickly towards her side. She wanted to move away and I objected no please it is cold, let it be there for some more time. She said ok, ok. I moved my feet away and told her, ok let you be comfortable silly. We laughed. A lot of things were going on in my mind and I was getting again heart beats. I was thinking of how I should plan things that should not ruin things but make progress to lead her slowly to do the same thing. But again, she is a girl from a Muslim family and that too a very staunch. She used to perform all the namaz (5 time prayers) and keep other things religious. But something got me somehow out of the way a bit by now and I was thinking of many things including sin against Allah and Jahanum and what if being caught and what if she will start hating me and what if this and what if that. While thinking all of this probably an hour or so passed and I heard her mild sleeping breathe and she was indeed sound a sleep.

Ok, I said to myself, should I do or not? After many minutes of thinking about last night I got some courage and rolled myself towards her as if it is sleeping turn and I put one of my legs between her legs in such a way that it fall above her knees and closer to somewhere the whole last day I planned to do this night. And at the same time I put my hand on her chest too. I parlayed dead and yes she did wake up because she tried to move. I pretended deep sleep. She moved slowly my hand away from her but she was not able to move my leg away from between her legs. A huge heart bean fallen on me and I was scared but played dead asleep. I wanted her to understand that it was an accident and I was unaware of this. Probably she believed me after few minutes of moving her head here and there. She still could not move my leg away. I started snoring louder so that she is fully believes me that I was a sleep. She lay quiet but I did not know if she was a sleep not or not. Suddenly something came to my mind and it was a tricky one. I pretended to be sleep talking very mildly so that only she can hear. I move my hand back to her chest while mumbling something un-understandable as if someone speaks in sleep. I heard there are people who talk while they sleep and tried to play it now. Here I am waiting to see what she does now? She responded by trying to move my hands again when she heard me saying; “Nargis, Nargis, Nargis” Nargis was the neighbors daughter and I actually never had any crash on her. She was not someone that ever I thought about. She was not pretty and she was just very homely girl. At this point Khadijah stopped moving my hand and with a lot of scare and fear I got the courage to move into the next step. I slowing started rubbing Khadijah’s right boob while repeating Nargis, Nargis slowly but in a way that as if I am dreaming about Nargis and that I am actually deep asleep. Khadijah was for sure not sleep since I could feel her very heavy heart-beat and breath. I realized that she knew that I was dreaming about other girl and that because I was a sleep I did not intentionally put my hand on her and rubbing her breast but that it was purely accidental and un-conscious of the real world.

I again stopped rubbing and stopped mumbling anything to see what my sister does. She was still awake but was not moving at all. My hands lay on her boob and I just heard the rhythm of her heart-beat and up and downs of her breast. After few minutes, I thought of going into the next level. I started very calmly but firmly speaking to Nargis as if I am dreaming but I started saying Nargis you so hot, Nargis can I touch your boobs and while saying these words I moved my self towards Khadijah’s side. I was tense and I was scared but at the same time my penis was so hard and it was touching Khadijah’s leg on the side. Khadijah did not move as I put my left hand under her sleeping Kamiz. I slowly and pretending to be fully asleep and dreaming reached her real left boob this time. I touched her nipple very gently. She did not do a thing but was breathing very heavy. I put my hand on her boob and just left it there for a long pause and I did not say anything waiting to see what she does. Now I started mumbling again as if I am sleeping talking to Nargis. This time I move my hand on her salwar and put it there to see what she does. I started moving my body closer to her and rubbed her thigh with my poked penis and moved slowly from the top of her salwar my finger by touching her most private part. Yes it was her vagina top. She suddenly got up and I was so horrified and moved myself a bit away still pretending to be deep a sleep. She went out and I looked around and was cursing myself and was afraid that things now might really get bad. I don’t know how long it took her to come back and by now I was away to my own spot. She went under the sandali and the next thing I remember is I don’t know how it got morning and how I actually went to sleep but it was early morning and remembering my mother telling me about namaz (morning prayer called fajr). I woke up and found out that Khadijah is already out I also tried to come back to my religious obligation at least today. I went for taharat and wozu (religious cleansing) and when I returned I saw Khadijah was performing namaz with mom and Dad was out to the masjid (mosque) so just like other teenage boys, I put ja-namaz (prayer rug) on one side and stated praying.

I was repeating prayers a bit louder so that Khadijah can hear and if she has something against me can become sure that I never knew what happened last night and that it was sleep accident and that I was actually dreaming about Nargis etc. etc. By the time every thing was over it was bit brighter in the morning but still the sun was not up. I asked for taking bath. Mom asked Khadijah to warm up water for your brother in the balty (steel bucket). That’s how it used to be in those days. Now that I am in Europe and realize what kind of life we lived. Khadijah put the hot water for me in the bramda and I took it to bathroom and had a warm bath. I surely did ask Allah to forgive me and was praying that Khadijah will not tell anything to mom about what happened. That day in the school I was very confused and did not take much interest in the studies and master ji asked me if something was wrong, I said I have headache. I came home in the afternoon and Khadijah was back from her school and I met her as she opened the door. I kept myself very normal and trying to read everything at home if she said anything to Mom or if she or Mom’s behavior was different. I looked at her and just like old time and usual joked with her as a brother; “You did not wash your face today?” she made her usual face to me by shouting as usual to Mom; “Mom, Abdul is annoying me!” I found out that Mother was behaving normal but I saw that Khadijah was a bit shying away but not too much.

The rest of that day I was trying hard to know if Khadijah reacts or does something. I was now noticing her body for the first time in day light and as she looked at me I looked the other way. Did she suspect me? I was curious on many things. Khadijah did not tell anything to Mom, I should have stopped there but I knew that she did not suspect me playing with her. She still thought that I was actually dreaming and in my dreams I was thinking of touching Nargis (our neighbor’s daughter). She spoke with me normally when I asked her questions as usual and she did not indicate in anyway but being a bit shy unusually. Well, her brother touched her boobs and touched at least from behind her salwar her most private part before she decided for a NO last night. I was dying to know what she will do tonight. Well she changes her spot with my other sister who was way away on the other side or she will remain where she used to be. I had to catch-up with some homework from school and kept myself busy until dinner time. On the dastarkhwan (dinner time) Khadijah as usual was sitting opposite me and that was giving me chances to look at her while others did not look at me. I noticed that she was also looking at times with me but as if shying.

Finally bed time came and I was so badly now looking forward for the night. Everyone as usual gone to bed and Khadijah did not change her spot which I thought she might. Normally I thought it should be that she will change her spot and she used to do in the past for no reason since she used to prepare sandali with helping Mom but no she was sleeping on my right side under the sandali. I wanted to chat with her before we go to sleep. I asked her, how was your day, how was your school etc. She replied everything normal even though it was not normally I asked her. She was wearing a white hosiery long top and the normal salwar. I was curious if she has elastic or ezar-band on her salwar. I was thinking a lot of things. I was going crazy and I was where there probably was no return from what I was playing. I was playing with fire and I was determined in what I was doing. I was scared but scare did not control me much. I was religious but religious bonds were weakening against my new desires. The lights were off and suddenly as I was deep in my thoughts, I heard a voice; “Aren’t you sleeping?” I came to myself and it was Khadijah asking me that question. Why did she ask me that question? She never before did. Does she want me to explore her thinking of Nargis again? Did she actually enjoy what I did last night? Or it was just a question? All of these and other questions as if cross my mind at once in just seconds. I mumbled, “Yes I am going to sleep?” I told her, and us both said shab ba-khair (good night). Our feet touched again like the other night but it was brief and just normal as it happens under every sandali and in every home. But just the touch even if it was normal felt otherwise. For the first time, felt sexy and felt desirable and felt to touch again and against all odds I teasingly touched her feet with mine again and told her sorry. She laughed and said it is ok. She said; “Last night you had some nightmare and put your legs on my legs.”

“I did? I am sorry” I was bit shaky by now.

“It is ok I think you were talking too” she said.

“I was? What I was talking? No, you are joking.” I said.

“Shhhhhhh talk softer you will wake up others.” She whispered.

“You started it” I whispered to her back. I asked her what I was saying. She said “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know and you are saying that I was talking in the night while I was sleep?” I continued; “Are you saying that I am a sleep talker?” She again shushed me saying; “be quiet.” And she continued; “You were talking and that’s all I know, now please go to sleep and let me sleep too.”

“Ok, Ok I will good night.”

Ok, I now know one thing, she was totally awake all the way last night but she still thinks that I was really dreaming about Nargis and that it was an honest movement of me caused by my dream and sleep troubles. I was thankful that she did not tell all of this to Mom. I had to ask her one more thing. Yes I have to. Very quietly I whispered to her; “Did you tell Mom that I was talking in my sleep?’ I also requested her to put her head under sandali blanket and talk so that we don’t disturb others. She did and now in the light of sandali bulb both of our heads met with about a feet away as we both kept the blanket up so that we can see and talk. She said: “No, why would I tell Mom?”

“Oh thanks!” I thanked her and requested her; “please don’t tell anyone that I am a sleep talker”

“Ok, I will not. Now can we sleep?” she pleaded. Yes, yes we should. But we both laughed and I was looking at her as she was quietly laughing. I could see her body under the table and her beautiful face was shining. Man she was beautiful, she was beautiful and yes her was. Why are you looking go to sleep she teased me again. I pulled myself back and my feet touched her feet again as I moved a bit but not all the way back. Khajo? I called her (we used to call her Khajo at home) She said; “Uffff what now?”

“My feet are cold; can I put them under your feet again like the other night?”

She said with frustrating act; “OK go on.” All I wanted was to do this and that’s it. I move closer to her and put my feet under her knees and I thought she might say something but she didn’t. “Thanks Khajo” I thanked her. “Welcome” she said and asked me to let her sleep now. Ok. Good night again and we laughed again. We all used to feel each others feet under sandali, sometimes accidentally, sometimes just because one’s feet were cold and we all four of us teasing and feet fighting and giggling just normal think in a family of four kids. But tonight I was putting my feet a bit more upper and it was under my sister’s knees. She did not object and I was now fully erect and slowly I touched my penis and found out that some kind of liquid thing was coming. I never before touched a girl that way and this was totally new to me for the past few nights and that too with no other but my own sister Khadijah. I was quiet and in about 20 minutes or so I heard Khadijah was snoring very calmly. My feet were still under her knees. I slowly moved them away from under her knees and pretending to be sleep I moved them away. She half moved facing away and was still asleep. I did not do anything for another few minutes. She moved back to her first position now flat. I collected all of my courage and again pretended to sleep talk, mumbling. I moved closer to her and called her Nargis, Nargis. She did not respond at all. I moved my knee between her thighs and now my erect penis was touching her body on her side. I move my hand at the some time on her right chest and pretending a sweet dream of Nargis I started slowly and gently rubbing Khadijah’s boobs from behind her hosiery’s top. Just like last night she was not wearing a bra and I think during night she never did and I think it was not usual. My wife does not wear one so why should she have on those days.

Khadijah’s breathing got faster and I could feel her heart beat on the palm of my hand. I was calling Nargis so to assure Khadijah that I was dreaming and that these acts where absolutely innocent. She lay there and never objected and from her heart beat and her hard breathing I knew that she is not a sleep at all. I got some more courage and this time I moved my hand under her hosiery and reached for her nipples while mumbling Nargis’ name and appreciating Nargis’ beauty as a pretend of sleep talk. Khadijah never moved and never objected to anything. I knew that she was in fact enjoying my touch. Yes, I was sure that she was enjoying the touch of her own brother’s hand on hear bare boobs. I move for the first time my right hand under above her hair and started massaging her boobs gently. To me also it was new and to her as well. I did not wanted her to be hurt. She was my lovely sister. My sister whom I loved and I grew up together with her and now I was so close to her, so close that imaginations could not measure it. After few minutes I moved my hand slowly to her salwar just like last night. Last night after few gentle rubbing on her most private part, she got up and walked out of the room and I was careful to see what happens tonight. It went for 3 or four minutes and I could hear her fast breathing and now my face was touching her face and she was not moving herself away.

Got the courage now and pretending to be doing all of this in dream with the neighbor’s daughter Nagris, I wanted her to be sure that I was doing it in innocence. She believed me but at the same time she was enjoying my touch all over her. She was quiet. I said to myself, now is the time! Yes, do it!

I moved my hand upward to move to see if she had elastic or threaded ezar-band. She had elastic. It was so easy now. Will she object? I was a bit tense about it. Will she let me actually feel her vagina? From the top of salwar it was not much to feel but it was a lot anyway. But now I was trying to move somewhere beyond. Waited a bit, got the courage and she was breathing hard and I was breathing hard and I had a full speed heart beat. I mumbled, “Nargis, can I touch you? Can I please?” And with that I moved my fingers inside her salwar for few moments I just put my fingers on the top of soft, very soft silk feeling hair. I was a bit surprised because I did not know that girls also have hair. She was just 16 and I was 17. I had myself few some hairs now. But I was so stupid that I never knew that girls too have hair there. I was sweating and I had almost fainted but collected my courage again and started exploring my sister Khajo’s vagina. I could feel that she was shivering. She did not object at all. I knew now fully that she wants this and therefore, I started slowly but gently exploring her vagina. As I moved here and there, not knowing what to do? As I moved my fingers went downward, and my fingers felt some wetness. I knew that she must have had what I have on my penis. But it was making my fingers slippery and it felt as good as I moved up and down. I heard some kind of moan from her and knew that she was very much excited about it. She was suddenly shaking as if she had some hard fever. And she was now moving herself and she was moaning but with a lot of care.

What in the world am I doing? I am actually touching my sister’s vagina and I was touching her vagina lips and I am feeling her vagina wetness and hair. As I was rubbing my penis on her side something very wrong and funny and scary and terrible happed. My penis started jumping here and there without control and I was like peeing on myself. It felt so good that I never ever in my life had such an experience. My salwar was wet and I was sure that it even did her side a bit wet since it was so much. I could not control myself and pulled myself and quickly move from her away. I was scared but still I managed to pretend that I was a sleep and started snoring slowly as I moved to my part of the sandali. No one did anything. She was not moving and I was not moving and I think she knew that I woke up from dreaming and I could hear that she was snoring. But I knew that she was now pretending to be a deep sleep. Now I know that it was my first ever orgasm and I know from her shaking and moans and movements that she also had her first orgasm, an orgasm awakened by her own brother. I have to stop here and will continue later.